An extension has been added to CallRunner to process bank statements.  It does so in much the same way as it processes telephone call charge records (CCRs). 


Like CCR processing, the user can define the various row formats of the statement for interpretation by the application.


Below is a small extract from a typical bank statement ....


Statement            142 (Page 2 of 5)

Redfern Branch
Account number        CBA 456789/9-5  Account Owner Mr Joseph Smith

From: 1 Mar 2009
To:   31 mar 2009

Date        Transaction                debit        credit        balance
01 Mar    2009 OPENING BALANCE                            $58.94CR
01 MAR        ACME PTY LTD
        2043919  602094                    898.58
01 MAR        CREDIT INTEREST                    0.01
01 MAR        ABWDL    STH HVILLE            250.00
        009570                    221.46
        392814                    20.00
01 MAR        PREV MONTH TRANS FEE        1.60                

01 MAR        PREV MONTH  ACCT FEE        5.00                $459.47CR


The user can 'define' rows from the statement to identify the Account Holder (the bank), the Account Owner, the Account Number, the statement period, the opening and closing balance, and, most importantly, each transaction row.


When importing and processing the statement, CallRunner does a running tally to ensure each transaction row balances, it creates a double-entry account for the other party to each transaction, it identifies locations of transactions, as well as any cash transactions.   In regard to transaction dates, the year from the Account Period dates is used to complete the partial column dates.


If any transaction does not balance, the trouble-spot is colour highlighted.


In regard to location identification, from the example above, CallRunner will change 'STH HVLLE' to 'SOUTH HURSTVILLE' and 'STNMORE' to 'STANMORE'.


Because most bank transaction have to be converted to an importable text format by Optical Character Recognition (OCR'ing),  processes are incorporated to rectify the more obvious OCR errors.


A third-party .pdf- to-.txt converter can be seemlessly integrated into CallRunner to process statements that are in .pdf format.