The last upgrade of CallRunner was on 3 Nov 2011.  The next upgrade will be in January 2012.  It will include:

  • The addition of a single form for entering people, organisations or their sub-units, addresses, telephone numbers, or financial account details.  This is a 'one-stop-shopping' point where one or any combination of these entities can be entered, and association descriptions set. It refines the current process where each entity had to be singularly entered and linked.  The process will include scroll-as-you-type lookup to identify a possible prior entry for the subject entity.  Ditto buttons are available on the form to replicate the last-entered data.  For example, if entering several people for the one address - clicking the Ditto button under Address will replicate the last-entered address for association with the newly-entered person.

  • Some  Service Providers are substituting a zero for the last digit of IMEI numbers.  CallRunner currently uses a check-sum formular to validate IMEI numbers.  If found to be invalid, a '?' is appended to the IMEI number.  In the next release, CallRunner will use the same formula to determine the correct last digit and replace the zero with that digit to give a valid IMEI number.  IMEI numbers adjusted this way will appear with an 'M' for Modified as a suffix.

  • Telephone fields for local and complete numbers have been extended in the database from 25 to 30 characters.

  • Improved progress-feedback indicators have been added to better inform a user of progress when importing a large Call Charge Record (CCR).

  • A 'How To' video has been added to show a modified process for defining Vodafone (Australia) CCRs.

  • Additional processes have been added to tidy up Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors when importing an OCRed bank statement.  In particular, where there is no space between a date and transaction details ( ie 12MarATM withdrawal ....) as occurs with one format of OCRed bank statements.

  • Facilites are now available to provide clients with webinars to demonstrate CallRunner procedures.

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